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Why Aren’t Democrats Freaking Out Approximately Jill Stein?

Why Aren’t Democrats Freaking Out Approximately Jill Stein?
Supply: washingtonmonthly.com – Sunday, July 24, 2016
So much pundit jibber-jabber has all in favour of whether or not Bernie Sanders supporters may just vote for Trump.  That’s a a laugh parlour recreation — which Trump himself is making an attempt to advertise — however there’s a a long way, some distance much more likely risk for the Clinton marketing campaign: that too many Bernie electorate will vote for Inexperienced Birthday celebration nominee, Jill Stein. It’s transform a piece of writing of religion that Ralph Nader value Al Gore the election in 2000. As Inexperienced Birthday celebration nominee, he gained 2.seventy four % of the vote. Lately, the Inexperienced Birthday party nominee, Jill Stein, is polling at five % (ABC) and six % (NBC).  A contemporary ballot in New Hampshire had Clinton and Trump tied, with Stein pulling five % (and Gary Johnson pulling 10 %). The leak of DNC emails indicating that the birthday party used to be favoring Hillary, mixed with the number of Tim Kaine, will harden the perspectives of many Bernie other folks.  It’s now not real that they have got no selection however to vote for Hillary. They do have a decision, and it isn’t Donald Trump.

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