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Eric Boehlert On MSNBC’s?? All In : It is “Up To The Press” To Stay Trump From “Creat[ing] His Personal Fact”

Eric Boehlert On MSNBC’s?? All In : It is “Up To The Press” To Stay Trump From “Creat[ing] His Personal Fact”
Supply: mediamatters.org – Wednesday, December 28, 2016
CHRIS HAYES (HOST): A part of the issue there that moves me, or has been the issue to this point is, is??the truth that??this financial system on a macro degree seems to be a lot better than it used to be, and then you definitely zoom in after which there's massive wallet of the rustic that don’t seem to be doing very??smartly, and??there's all kind of distributional issues.??And you find yourself able, which I feel??used to be a place??the Democrats were given stuck in a bit bit this yr, telling other folks it's??OK.?? ERIC BOEHLERT: Only a fast aspect, take a look at the financial system Invoice Clinton gave George W. Bush, take a look at the financial system Barack Obama is giving??– I imply, Democrats are in point of fact just right at handing off tough economies and we pass our hands the ultimate one used to be more or less pushed into the trench. So I feel Trump goes –??you get the feel he's been surrounded via those sycophants for 30-forty years. Each and every Trump??Group concept that works used to be his, proper? He is taking credit score for it, each and every dangerous concept he blames any person else. In order you stated, in fact he's going in charge Obama. And taking credit score now,??he's??type of shopping for into this pretend information concept,??he's??simply going to create his personal fact. Each and every tweet now has now not one, has like ??or 3??lies in line with sentence. They're handiest one hundred forty characters however??his??tweets concerning the financial system are loopy. TARA DOWDELL: A lie left — in case you allow it stand, it's going to develop into the reality. BOEHLERT: That's proper, it's as much as Democrats, its additionally as much as the clicking. Prior to now :?? Po

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