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WTF? MSU and Uni of Michigan give a boost to 18 COVID-denying , Whitmer-hating, KKK radio stations

WTF? MSU and Uni of Michigan fortify 18 COVID-denying , Whitmer-hating, KKK radio stations
Supply: www.dailykos.com – Friday, October 09, 2020
How can&#one hundred sixty;Michigan State (11) and School of Michigan (7)&#one hundred sixty;proceed to broadcast sports activities on 18 radio stations that&#one hundred sixty;excuse racism and the kind of terrorism we noticed uncovered in Michigan? Their black athletes, all their athletes,&#one hundred sixty;were used to excuse racism on the ones stations&#one hundred sixty;considering the fact that they have been bought by way of Republicans to create the&#one hundred sixty;propaganda monopoly that has dominated political messaging in the United States the final&#one hundred sixty;30 years.&#one hundred sixty;Those 18 stations function the Rush Limbaugh show and day after today Fri Oct nine, Trump and Limbaugh will grasp a ‘digital rally’ while Trump calls&#one hundred sixty;the show. And the ones are just 2 of&#one hundred sixty; 87 universities helping 260 Limbaugh stations. A few weeks ago Limbaugh claimed Black Lives Topic protestors&#one hundred sixty;“done a Trump supporter” and “danced and cheered”. Limbaugh pushed Trump during the primaries and referred to as COVID a hoax. He has denied international warming for 30 years. All those stations have native communicate display hosts who most probably followed&#one hundred sixty;the Limbaugh lead&#one hundred sixty;and cheered on after which excused the armed protestors on the Michigan capitol construction. How&#one hundred sixty;can these universities proceed to associate their faculties with these despicable racist COVID-denying assholes?&#one hundred sixty;They already broadcast sports activities on&#one hundred sixty;apolitical radio stations like sports talk and track stations and not anything’s preventing them from discovering&#one hundred sixty;extra apolitical possible choices. This entire disaster is coming full circle —&#one hundred sixty;the only so much necessary voice in developing this disaster will interview his family member, golfing

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