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Fox’s Bolling declares “the beginning of President Trump’s 17 day running holiday”

Fox’s Bolling proclaims “the beginning of President Trump’s 17 day running holiday”
Supply: www.mediamatters.org – Friday, August 04, 2017
ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): You realize what else these days is? The beginning of President Trump's 17 day running holiday. EBONI WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Running holiday? BOLLING: Running holiday. Running holiday. KAT TIMPF (CO-HOST): I love that, he's simply telecommuting from the golfing direction, proper? Proper, Eric? BOLLING: Smartly if — I imply yeah, he's gonna golfing, however I'm positive if there's one thing urgent that comes up, they'll get it. In the past : Trump's golfing unearths the shameless hypocrisy of the correct-wing media bunker After 5 years of conservative assaults, so much American citizens nonetheless don't care approximately Obama's golfing How Trump embodies the fitting-wing media???s cool animated film of Obama: lazy, secretive, and corrupt ??

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