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HIAS Spearheading Attempt to Repeal Muslim Ban in Anit-Trump PR Stunt

HIAS Spearheading Effort to Repeal Muslim Ban in Anit-Trump PR Stunt
Supply: www.alipac.us – Saturday, September 21, 2019
HIAS Spearheading Effort to Repeal Muslim Ban in Anti-Trump PR Stunt 09/21/2019 ~ Ann Corcoran HIAS , for those new to refugee business lingo, is the Hebrew Immigrant Help Society and the day prior to this they introduced a grassroots marketing campaign to force Congress into passing law that may abolish Trump’s so-referred to as Muslim ban, and make it more difficult for any long run President to stay us protected. Nevermind that there isn’t a Muslim ban as we stated here a couple of days in the past. Rohingya Muslims are getting into america as refugees by way of the hundreds, and taxpayer-funded HIAS (approximately $ 25 million in a single up to date yr!) and the other federally-funded refugee contractors are being paid to care for the heaps of US-sure Unique Immigrant Visa holders from Iraq and Afghanistan (most commonly Muslims!)*** who supposedly helped our army (and NGOs!) in those terror-producing hotbed nations! However, the propagandists in the Open Borders cabal never allow details get in the best way of their get-Trump time table. They understand the invoice won’t ever transform regulation at the same time as Trump is in the White Space, then again they are the use of it as yet one more media stunt prematurely of the 2020 presidential contest. And, they want to stay their fans/donors busy and engaged. Now not sufficient Muslims in The united states! HIAS with CAIR protesting the so-referred to as “Muslim ban” on the White Space in January 2018. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org…t-white-space/ Here’s what HIAS is telling its fans to do. (And fortunate you!

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