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The identify Jeep comes from the army car designation GP (executive functions). Resources dispute this pronouncing that the jeep used to be used for particular issues and not known as Executive Functions. The Ford GPW if truth be told stands for G-executive use, P to explain the eighty” wheelbase, and the W to signify it’s Willy Overland engine. A few recommend the identify got here from squaddies that named it after a well-liked personality within the cool animated film Popeye, Eugene the Jeep.

The definition of Jeep describes it as four wheel drive, ½-1 ½ ton car for recon or different Military serve as.

In early 1941 the corporate Willys Overland confirmed the Jeeps off the street efficiency by way of riding it up the stairs to the Capital construction in Washington, DC.

The corporate Willys Overland in June 1950 registered the identify Jeep as their very own.

Throughout Global Conflict II the Military requested the bankrupt corporate American Bantam for a prototype for a jeep. They gave them forty nine days to do it. Karl Probst used to be caused by American Bantam and went to paintings for no cash on July 19, 1940. Bantam submitted their bid on July 22, 1940 whole with the blueprints for the jeep. The prototype used to be hand constructed from car portions to be had and finished in Butler, Pennsylvania then pushed to Camp Holabird in Maryland for checking out. On September 21, 1940 the checking out started and the outcome used to be that the frame met the Military’s requirement however the engine torque didn’t.

The Military then gave the Bantam designs and blueprints to Willys and Ford to publish their very own designs and adjustments to the Bantam layout. Ford made the “Pygmy” and Willys made the “Quad”. 1,500 of the Ford, Willys, and Bantam have been made. Spicer provided equivalent four wheel drive teach parts to all 3 firms. Leader engineer for Willys Overland, Barney Roos made adjustments with revised weight necessities to incorporate oil and water and used to be then in a position to make use of their engine “Move Satan”.

Jeeps constructed by way of Willys Overland have been Type MB and the ones constructed by way of Ford have been GPW. 640,000 Jeeps have been constructed by way of Willys Overland and Ford beneath the supervision of Charles E. Sorensen, Vice President of Ford throughout Global Conflict II. This used to be 18% of all wheeled army automobiles constructed right here in the USA right through Global Warfare II.

Each and every department of america Army used Jeeps. one hundred forty five on moderate got to infantry teams. They used Jeep for a variety of issues, box ambulances, cable laying, tractors, fireplace preventing and noticed milling.

Jeep has long past thru a whole lot of house owners starting with Willys. They produced the primary civilian Jeep in 1945 and were given the trademark for Jeep in 1950.

One department of Chrysler Company now owns the trademark at the identify Jeep. The unique grille had nine slots and used to be associated with the Global Warfare II Ford jeep. Because it weighed not up to the Willys Slat Grille, it used to be placed into the “standardized Jeep” layout.

Lately there are lots of automobiles named Jeep, however a real dyed within the wool Jeep lover will all the time lengthy for that unique Willys Jeep.

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