25 thoughts on “Lamborghini Veneno SOUND – Get started Up and REVS!!”

  1. If all the viewers of this video gave me a dollar i promise i will buy one
    and we can all share it!

  2. to save ur time here at 1:14 and at 3:00 … by the way this lambo looks
    like a spaceship smh lol

  3. Question to the rich folk who owns cars like this…. How the HELL can you
    drive these high 6/mid 7 digit cars without your asshole pucking up from
    the first knick in the paint from road debris to the average ass hole
    driver out there you see DAILY?

  4. If tthe Veneno is considered beautiful then no wonder our generation is
    going down the drain. The same generation that brought us Justin Beiber.

    We’ll never see another machine like the Lamborghini Countach, we’ll never
    see another entertainer like M.J.

  5. It would have costed 700,000 cause all that carbon fibre
    The engine is exactly like the adventedor but just tweaks and injection
    anyways they use the same amount of carbon fibre into a adventedor and a
    Veneno since the adventedor cost 400,000k
    It’s a lot cheaper…. Driving the same speed as the Veneno but is oils
    prefer Lamborghini change the amount in the future

  6. This is an incredible car from Lamborghini. in fact it was so much of a
    shocker people really didnt know what to think of it, especially those
    unfamiliar with auto racing, and that includes many auto journalists. The
    Veneno isnt inspired by F1, not in the least, in fact its mostly a
    roadgoing version of a Lemans LMP Prototype. Even the Enzo’s design was
    primarily of LMP origin. most people didnt get it.. Ferrari didnt push the
    matter. And in an interesting twist Ferrari’s La Ferrari was directly
    influence by Jim Glickenhuas P/45 by which Ferraris Ceo was so impressed
    with the results of his reworked enzo, that it was the base inspiration for
    the La ferrari. And now Glickenhaus’s road going 003S another road going
    LMP racer rings sound of an all new supercar category. 

  7. I don’t see the hype about this car… It doesn’t looks that good, compared
    to other lambo’s and it sounds all right, yes its fairly fast but for 4.5
    million dollars your better of getting a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Looks
    better, Sounds better, Goes faster…

  8. stares at it for more than an hour ………… 24 hours later i wish i had
    one of these for real ( i only have 2 1:43 scale from kyosho one
    roadster one coupe)

  9. Thumbs down for this emotionless startup, revving and car. Lamborghini has
    to make cars and not emotionless shit like the veneno.

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