25 thoughts on “Pagani Huayra vs Pagani Zonda on target – the most productive sounding automobiles on the earth?”

  1. What an incredible sight… not to mention sound! I would take both…
    CAn’t wait to drive the Huayra again and you know to my YouTube fans, I
    will be bringing you the first person experience again. Too bad the track
    was wet because you can tell they were a little cautious on the track.

  2. No. Not the best sounding engines of the world.
    Mazda Furai, 787B and the SLS Black Edition sound better than the Pagani’s.
    Nothing beats the legendary classic engines.
    Ferrari V12 with 6 weber 55 DCOE’s is a symphony of madness. Purely viseral
    engine sound! 

  3. It would be more better if they were going very fast to see which one is
    more faster.

  4. I don’t understand why they don’t mass produce these. They could easily
    sell a few thousand. I wouldn’t put in all that work and only make 100.

  5. Man’s got a great taste in cars! The 2 best cars ever built, and he owns
    them both! Proof that Rich is much better than poor!

  6. I love the technology of the Huayra(turbos, active aero)
    But I love the sound(and looks) of the N/A Zonda V12 AMG far more. 

  7. Im going to be honest. This really didnt tell me anything I didnt know
    about these two cars and I was expecting some lap times or maybe even a hot
    lap just to see how big the gap is between these two cars. Always nice to
    see Zondas though

  8. Jesus, it seems more times than not the tracks are wet whenever filmed in
    the UK. With all that wealth, me and my 2 Paganis would be living in a more
    favorable climate. I’d be ripping those cars on Mulholland Dr. 

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