12 thoughts on “2015 Z06 Corvette Hennessey Construction Car”

  1. “Development Vehicle”…. AKA: John’s weekend cruiser.
    That thing is BAD fast!
    Numbers are still being worked on guys, get ready though. You will see a

    Hey John, you ought to bring some of your cars down to the Kemah (Texas)
    area. There is a car show every Saturday night in the Super Target/Home
    Depot parking lot. Usually cars start to show up at 6PM (some before that)
    and leave at 8PM. Unfortunately it is now heavily watched by the Police so
    no lighin’ the tires up. If it’s going to rain the event usually gets
    cancelled..There is a music guy over next to Chick Fill A, he isn’t bad.
    Lots of cars from 69′ Camaros to 2015 Stangs and everything in between.
    Lots of 427 Cobra replicas (some authentic) use to show up but they are
    sadly fading away…. The area may also be considered South Shore, so if
    you pop it into the maps it might freak out.

    Hope to see ya, I’ll be around the Lightnings.

  2. The new z06 is really nice, but honestly I would take a zr1 over this any
    day. The hpe750 zr1 is a fucking monster! If only there were more videos of

  3. cause 650hp just doesn’t cut it anymore lol. this thing is gonna be a
    beast when John is done with it

  4. my favorite car today RUINED!! Not by Hennessey… by it being a
    convertible! YUCK!! This tune will be ultra epic, but it will not fix it
    being a convertible.

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