25 thoughts on “New Rolls Royce Wraith Coupe HD Attractive First Business Attractive 2015 Carjam TV HD Automotive TV Display”

  1. If you think this commercial is “sexy”, you need to get out more. It’s just
    glitzy and flashy.

  2. It looks like a large shoe box that has been squashed down at the back.
    Where has style and elegance gone?

  3. Is this a rolls Royce ad or and ad about a bitch chasing after a guy who is
    rich and luckily he rejected that money face slut

  4. This #commercial of #RollsRoyce combines several luxury identities. We can
    watch an elegant lady, something like gates of villa or mansion, and we
    have a powerful and stylish automobile. But there is something more.

  5. Rolls Royce Wraiths este cea mai rapidă mașină creată vreodată de Rolls
    Royce și, spun ei, face ca lumea să stea pe loc.
    Reclama de mai jos e întradevăr una pe măsura vorbelor:

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