24 thoughts on “Justin bieber get a automotive at 18 birthday present on ellen display”

  1. So, I’m guessing Scooter doesn’t work for the Bieber anymore, since he’s
    such a douche bag now!

  2. Justin bieber is the most rich Guy of this world ? Why he get a Car from ?
    He can buy 100.000.000 cars ! I don understand this world ! Why ellen dont
    give an poor person a car ! He dont brought a car !

  3. Seriously? He could of bought his own car. Probably had like 3 already,
    come on Ellen. Give it to someone who needs it most or deserves it. She
    knows better.. Too generous for her own good and I do love that about her.
    But in this case, this is too kind for all the wrong reasons. Last thing he
    needs. Not to mention he got fame way too quickly and too young to the
    point where it’s out of control. Aside from his talent which means nothing
    anymore.. He’s just spoiled, ignorant, rude, non-mannered, disrespectful,
    all gangster now.. I don’t even know how to put it all into words. Just
    taking advantage of his money, fame, looks, women.. Everything. Like why
    should he get a damn sports car? I swear if they just said wait a few years
    and complete highschool first, he wouldn’t of ended up like such a goof. 

  4. why is it such a big deal honestly.. if he wanted to he could have bought
    50 with his spare change

  5. Justin deserves the best of everything, yeah he’s made mistakes. But so
    have we. His human like all of us. So just chill.

  6. Maybe you shut up you stupid people, you are all so jallouse, why you you
    watch it when you do not like it. ugly people with ugly comments how I
    hate it.

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