25 thoughts on “SAIC Roewe 550  ” I am looking ahead to you ” Chinese language automotive 中華車 中国車”

  1. @wtrdogg20 And now… you will say something about ‘awards’… of course…
    no-bad car, cheap. Hyundai in Europe, ignorant (I’m European)… what’s
    happening with the commercial cars from Hyundai? Haha… they are not just
    a shit, but the comsuption is even worse than before (Hyundai H1 and
    others)… and little men… about reliability… there is nothing which
    can say they are… and obviously they are not that reliable (ADAC from
    GErmany), except some model. Ignorant!

  2. @hamster639 If its British its going to be Shit. Id trust it more if it was
    Chinese. The British are to cars like America is to the Middle East. Not
    good, not good at all. Every British Engineered car is at the bottom of the
    basement in American Reliability Scores. MINI, Jag/Land Rover. it looks ok,
    but in America looks wont just cut it. AMERICANS DEMAND RELIABILITY It

  3. I chinese car that doesnt look a copy of other models. I took a look at
    this car personally a couple of day ago, it was parked at the a supermarket
    parking lot. It was in black, no tinted windows (it looked like very new),
    so I was able to see inside. Very nice for what I noted, and the exterior
    looks great. I may need to check who is selling that car in my country.

  4. Hyundai has better reliability than Toyota now buddy #1 in mass market
    manufacturers, 4th place overall.. And we will be a Luxury company one day.

  5. @wtrdogg20 well A JAPANESE MAN TOLD ME THAT…..He was very clear when he
    said TOYOTA IS NOT BAD, –> That’s why I said that, hehe… You know what’s
    sarcasm? Hahaha… ridiculous…

  6. @smokefreak2006 Not sure i agree with calling the american market more
    sophisticated. also i don’t consider the comparison between lexus and
    jaguar to be entirely fair – they’re not selling the same thing. Lexus
    strikes me as a car for the eminently practical who wish to be pampered –
    essentially a toyota with a lot of extras thrown in. The lexus is closer to
    BMW. They prefer numbers and data sheets – whereas the jag centres toward
    emotion, craftsmanship and the sense of occasion.

  7. China can do good things, especially by copying others. But they need to do
    good things to the Chinese people, like paying an appropriate salary.

  8. Shit… looks better than Malibu. I actually like the design. Wonder how
    the relibaility goes.. and i won’t support Commus.. that’s for fact.

  9. LMAO! you check the ACEA numbers but you just see the numbers plain!, you
    dont know how to ANALIZE THEM!! Dude, I am not going to waste my time with
    you…..Please learn more about how the numbers explain the market flow,
    then talk to me…..After 30 years of Toyota, you wont see the kingdom
    going down in one year, but you can see things not going well like before
    by checking the relative numbers. Google it, while Toyota got red numbers,
    Hyundai got green numbers during the last Quarter of FY10

  10. it does a bit but saic own a share in the vw group they make vw’s in china
    saic do and the design is a old rover design to replace the 45.

  11. @wtrdogg20 Again, just read a contract of those 7 years… haha…
    Anyway… I really like your attiude… ADAC, ACEA, Numbers, FACTORIES,
    DESIGNS, SHARE MARKET… haha… A small kiss little flower!

  12. Oh yea this is the reason why jobs are shiped to china righ now like former
    engineers from Rover and so on to make business over there :)

  13. @wtrdogg20 And more ‘numbers’, ignorant… Hyundai not more than 2.2% of
    the market share in Europe (Toyota 4.8%) Hyundai increased that number (1.7
    in 2008) because of the prices (it doesn’t mean ‘quality’, ignorant)…
    Toyota lost the 01% because of south of Europe (because of countries
    specially affected for the crisis, which helped to Hyundai (prices))…
    something else about numbers? Please, try to be informed before talking, ok?

  14. Roewe550 looks “way to much like a VW” only because of the head lights??
    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard LOL. Ok, so besides the
    head lights, what else of this car will looks like a Passat? (well, it got
    4 wheels, 4 doors, a steering wheel also, which is exactly the same as what
    Passat has:)

  15. you are ridiculous!.read, and read carefully, fucking idiot!, LEARN TO READ
    THE NUMBERS. Check the ADAC AND ACEA numbers, check the list of the 25 best
    seller cars in Europe, By run rate, Toyota is in 7th position in 2009, but
    they lost share market in -4.7% in relation with 2008 (they lost -11.8% in
    2008), so they are going down, while Hyundai is the 14th, but with 26.6%
    more share market than last year, so who is going up and who is going down?
    And with VW as the real king, Toyota is shit!

  16. @wtrdogg20 And who said Korean cars are good? Hahaha… They even copied
    the same quality control from Toyota with Shibuya in 2007… do you
    remember that? Hahahah Please, try to be informed before saying anything…

  17. @cismok No matter how luxury it is, if the sales volume times profit is
    low, the firms to be bankrupt. In recent decades, the auto industry’s gross
    profit per car slides, and sales of luxury cars is limit after all. Only
    way to make auto manufacturer survival is to increase sales. Economically
    design, build and sell cars fit for most people at reasonable prices is the
    headache for most car companies than how to make it luxury. That’s the
    secret how Japanese makers’ successful in the past years

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