25 thoughts on “2007 Chrysler three hundred Rolls Royce conversion After crowning glory Pedros car frame”

  1. It looks very cheap. The lives of the side view do not match up with the
    front of the car. The wheels look terrible too. Low class all the way. 

  2. The other rolls kit that everyone uses would look better than this front
    end. This is just too much but hey the customer wants what the customer

  3. How does it feel knowing you’re riding in a fake replica?
    You think, “I’m high class with deep wallets.” Reality: “I work at a dead
    end job and have nothing else to lose by pretending to be someone I’m not.”
    Ugly ass headlights, obviously a fake compared to the real one.

  4. Mane it’s a damn shame when a real one pull up next to her in public I’m
    sorry that car ugly as hell from the factory ain’t no point trying to make
    a fake one should’ve just pimped out yo 300 that’s still a decent looking
    expensive ass car anyway

  5. It’s not ghetto, it’s called thinking outside the box. It’s funny how
    people think things are ghetto when non-whites do things.

  6. if you can’t afford a real rolls royce DON’T DRIVE A CHRYSLER THAT LOOKS
    LIKE ONE. it’s not rocket science

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