25 thoughts on “2014 Cadillac CTS V-Game – 2013 New York Global Car Display”


    This is a V-sport not the CTS-V, I thought its the same too the first time
    but no, the v8 ctsV will be coming out next year together with the new zr1

  2. If you didn’t have an auto trans you would lose boost every time you shift.
    That’s why it only comes with an auto trans. 

  3. If I had money to afford a Cadillac I would definitely go to the ats sexy!
    And being 18y/o Cadillac is starting to attract way younger buyers

  4. They toned it down way too much. I loved the sharp edges and the wide body
    look the previous CTS had, this has none of that. The rear end is round and
    dull, the front end is also more on the dull side but not as bad. The car
    looks like it sits higher, and it looks too much like the xts. It’s ugly,
    don’t like it one bit.

  5. V-sport is different from CTS-V, that’s hella confusing. that’s what i hate
    about branding and badging with automakers when they try to create newer
    and deeper niche cars. They try to make the other models feel more
    “sporty”…just name it like it is and stop the charade 

  6. In the 1950s the Series 75 was Cadillac’s top model with long wheelbase and
    Fleetwood limousine body. Its new OHV-V8-engine was first introduced in
    1949 with constantly growing capacity and power over the years. The figures
    for 1957 were 6 litres and 300 hp. This hugh limousine was the top choice
    for governments, embassies and industry tycoons. Prices were 60% above an
    ordinary Cadillac Series 62, keeping production figures low at only 1,900
    units in the year 1957 (compared with more than 100,000 produced cars of
    the Series 62 in the same year).

    This Fleetwood Series 75 is in original condition. It’s a rare chance to
    find such a car in Thailand and it could be the highlight of every car
    collection. Complete registration documents.

    The sales price is 2,400,000 baht.

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  7. this is the V-sport models not the actual CTS-V. Still i can’t wait for the
    new and lighter next generation of CTS-Vs with the coupe and wagon 

  8. I’m so excited to be part of the uprising of the all NEW CADILLAC. GM has
    set their mark and I believe they have achieved it. For more info come in
    and see us at Community Motors in Mason City, IA!
    #cadillaccts #masoncityiowa #iowacardealer #communitymotors

  9. I don’t know why, but I am very picky when it comes to leg room in the
    back. Being 6ft 2″, it is a nightmare sitting in the back with no legroom.
    I need to sit in this car one day to see how it feels. 

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