25 thoughts on “SAIC Roewe 550 “Delivery” TV advert/business Chinese language automotive”

  1. you find more bmw, and top car in chinese road than british street mate, at
    least no fxxkin 20 years old crap still on road here, am not a chinese nor
    english thou living in uk for over 10 years currently in china u have to be
    here to believe this.

  2. Well done SAIC. I wish you luck with this. I just hope those ex Rover
    directors see this and finally regret letting down a whole nation while
    they were off wasting money on bring the MG SV to market. The 550 looks
    good. Keep the sprit of Rover alive.

  3. If they get the QUALITY down packed they will crush the the EUROPEAN
    market, Good luck and happy hunting !!! Kill the Japs and the asshole

  4. well this is superb considering its short history. My country’s national
    car seems like a dud when compared to this sedan. HECK Proton’s already
    over 20 years old and its still as inferior as ever! darn my great great
    grandparents shouldn’t have migrated here! I’m now stuck in this
    discriminating pigeonhole!

  5. im glad to see the rover brand return with a new lease of life!!! i havnt
    liked a car like this so much since i got my rover 600!!! i would definitly
    buy 1!!!!!

  6. oh, yeah, I am not complaining. at least i am sure the chinese will do
    better with that roewe (rover) than the british and german. so i say: give
    ‘em a chance.

  7. How can that be japanese?It was designed by a bunch of British
    engineers.And by the way,another Chinese company is trying to get VOLVO
    sedans’ brand.

  8. @FerrariP4 Its a TCI-TECH not a K-series, its been totally redesigned, only
    K-series bit is the block, and is proving to be very reliable, they have
    new engines soon and MG/SAIC will be designing new GM engines.

  9. Hopefuly the Diesel will be OK. Drove a Rover 25 van once, when like shit
    of a shovel. And did’nt blow the gasket after 50’000miles.

  10. i am afraid you seriously wrong matey you should have come over to china,
    technology advancement is way beyond your imagination. i have driven a mx 3
    , mazda xedos , merz c240 , cetroe xm a rover can rememer whats is called
    in british crapy car auction and i have to seriously tell you that this car
    is just absolutely sturning

  11. Cant be any worse that the rover 75 & 45 I’d give it a go. But why still
    use a K-series Engine. With a Fuckin turbo too! Notice how they dont say
    what the engine is anymore.

  12. I can’t see how this could possibly work. Rover engineering standards? Lest
    we forget that most Rovers are in scrap heaps in the U.K. Add that to the
    Chinese propensity to cut costs wherever possible, and this thing will
    literally be a death trap waiting to happen.

  13. Now I understood everything. They put security chief to speak to us? I like
    the car, a lot, but this video sucks! Horroble.

  14. because it’s basically HONDA-engineered Cars (Late Rovers were all
    re-engineered HONDAS, even under BMW). AS simple as that. And if the
    Chinese get VOLVO, who cares? I am sure, they’ll do better than Ford.

  15. i dont see english rocket in space anyway but the chinese do never under
    estimate their technology this what brit are still living in isolated
    world, am so surprised ppl in liverpool and manchester have never been to
    london all their life even they are only 200 miles apart, so shut up

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