25 thoughts on “Roewe 550 1.8T zero to one hundred km/h”

  1. Even Japanese and Korean car companies are hiring European design company
    when developing new cars, so what’s wrong with a Chinese car that designed
    by British?? Learning from others is a very necessary step pf developing
    China’s own car industril. Japanese and Korean were both following this
    way. Anyway, when British is not able to play in the market, somebody will
    take over the game, and unfortunatly, the British was tooken over by
    Chinese, haha~!

  2. The thing is Comunisam if did fail us once or twice we did never give it a
    chanse to get it better . But how many times have Capitalisam falied us,
    and yet again we try to give it more chanses .

  3. Remember this is a mid-range priced car. Don’t compare it with BMW, Benz,
    Ferrari, Porche or even the Nissan GTR. They are higher end car who can do
    0 to 100km/h in 6s??

  4. It scored 5 stars on Euroncap, moron. This car has a lot of British input
    and built by SAIC, which have a lot of experience building Volkswagen and
    GM cars.

  5. So why do the majority of the worlds motor manufacturers still build in
    Britain for the EU, even though we are not as heavily subsidized as the
    Germans and the French? Why do our universities still churn out good
    engineers here? Why is the pinnacle of car engineering – F1 mostly done in
    the UK? May factors could be blamed on the downfall of the home-owned
    British companies, government, unions, management, etc but you cannot blame
    the engineers here.

  6. @nex0801 Well I don’t know much about Yugoslavia so I don’t have much to
    say about that but from what I do know about communism, (not based on the
    media because I don’t watch the news) I would any day pick democracy over
    communism but I think its great that we are all allowed to speak our mind
    freely and that maybe you do know something I don’t because I haven’t
    experienced what you are describing personally.

  7. This is the first Chinese car designed to get a five star rating at
    euro-ncap chrash-test. So I think this car is safe.

  8. So what? My point is “Japanese and Korean car companies hired design
    companies from other countries”. BTW, Chinese car companies did hire
    Chinese design companies for some cars. But they are not doing as good as
    the european companies.

  9. @SupraCelica98 Total capitalism and socialism will probably not work. A
    mixture of the two is probably the best with government regulations to
    limit the banks etc from going overboard. The “entitlement programs” can
    also be like the “work for the dole” in Australia, whereby some of the
    unproductive populations are forced to work in some capacity to get their

  10. ..attitude to producing cars. They are not through away objects like a 99p
    pencil sharpener. Cars are a complex and *expensive* machine that must last
    – and even endure a minor crash.. Nearly all Chinese cars can’t handle this
    at 20mph, let alone 30mph! So the cultural attitude to durability has had
    to be changed and it’s still a concept the Chinese have trouble
    understanding even now. So to simply slate British engineers and designers
    is not the right thing to do, especially since they still..

  11. You can actually hear the pause between gear changing. This can be done in
    most tiptronic or or any decent sequential gearbox. If it was a DSG there
    wud b no pause what so ever. SO guess what, this is a gd car! It’s a
    chinese brand that is not so ‘typical’ chinese-crap afterall

  12. Don’t forget that may of the engineers behind this project were ex-MG Rover
    employees with years of experience. In fact, the experience that they have
    brought with them has forced SAIC to change its’ attitude to how quality
    and durability are built into a product. It isn’t just some cheap bin of a
    product line that you can chuck away to buy the next one. They have had to
    realise that people in the West won’t stand for shoddy quality so they have
    taken their time with this.

  13. After seen this video, I want Gran Turismo (simulation driving game serie)
    to add this model in the new game.

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