17 thoughts on “TVR Typhon – BURNOUT, revs and sounds! (Probably the most rarest automobiles within the Global!)”

  1. Just look at that Typhon; It looks and sounds different, special and
    exciting. So much more thrilling than the others that surround it, and on
    top of that it can stuff all of them any day of the week. I can’t wait for
    TVR to get going again. 

  2. This is real modern classic,and Dream car. Especially slik sideline and
    only 2 typhon is real carbon body typhon (others typhon replica is plastic
    bodied test version tuscanS or Racing T400/440R) and must be gone museum as
    other FAgattils but owner seems like wanted be typhon do real car. pretty

  3. There’s actually a few different shows within this video. But I have a few
    similar videos of cars from these shows coming up soon.

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