25 thoughts on “Land Rover Discovery Game – first force assessment of the brand new child Land Rover”

  1. ugly as hell, evoque is 1000 times better, this is like puffy and don’t
    like tha back at all. Also that kind of land rover interior only looks good
    if it’s made of luxurious materials imho, in this case it’s more budget and
    it feels 10 years old all of a sudden.

  2. Looks like a fatter version of the evoke… I thought the disco was a more
    serious 4wd when compared to the range rover, but not usually as luxurious?
    This looks like another shopping basket/kid carrier for those with too much
    $$$ and no taste.

  3. One car every 82 seconds, and the profits going to India!

    Shows what could have been achieved for the UK if the British Accountants
    and Politicians hadn’t stuck their noses in!

    We are now being duped with brand names and the money goes elsewhere, oh
    but our government pays for the factories, so we can still say they are
    made here!!!

    So fucking what!

    Britain is now working for the rest of the world, pay-back I suppose!

  4. This guy’s has as much charisma as traffic cone. On the plus side he is
    consistently uncharismatic. So that’s something. 

  5. Surely there can’t be another unfound niche market for this? JLR have
    already managed to rinsed their customers from the overpriced Evoque (aka a
    pretty Freelander). Question is… can they do it again?

  6. An absolutely spectacular car! Even the prototype version I went in about a
    month ago was fantastic, so much technology! It’s also quick for an SUV and
    is really smooth, looks awesome too! :)

  7. This Euotrash POS is a Chevy Equinox wannabe. Just not as reliable. I
    hate to take this POS to Walmart and have it stall going over a speed bump.
    Don’t even want to take it into the Rockies…. Land Rover charges extra
    just for the trash Briti accent …blah blah. Land Rover slogan “Hard
    Time to Get There. Won’t Make IT Home”. Who will buy this in
    America..all the Brit trash married to a naive American women for a green

  8. Love how they insist on calling it a “British” brand. Somehow glossing over
    the fact that the brand is alive and kicking and “selling more cars than
    ever before” because of TATA, an Indian company that has invested heavily
    in making the loss making unit under Ford into the highly profitable
    manufacturer that it is today. 

  9. Concpet looked amazing, this is too watered down. The rear design is not as
    good looking as I first thought, especially the rear lights!

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