Day One Runoff 2019 EV totals: Wait, there used to be early vote casting?

Day One Runoff 2019 EV totals: Wait, there used to be early vote casting?
Source: – Friday, November 29, 2019
Did you vote on that bonus early vote casting day on Wednesday, the day sooner than Thanksgiving? Nine thousand four hundred and 90 other folks did – you’ll be able to see the day one EV record right here . For comparison, the general November 2019 EV totals are here , the general November 2015 EV totals are here , and the general December runoff EV totals from 2015 are here . I’ll wait till the Monday numbers are available ahead of I get started making a desk for day by day comparisons, as there have been principally no mail ballots again for this haul. You might have noticed that the day one in individual vote for the runoff used to be higher than the day one in individual vote from November. The whole vote used to be higher in November as a result of mail ballots, but extra folks confirmed up on the polls on Wednesday than on October 21. That’s a bit bizarre, since the November election incorporated the remainder of Harris County, whilst the runoff is Houston/HISD/HCC/Bellaire most effective. The same factor came about in 2015, even though, so perhaps it’s now not that bizarre. Runoff electorate are extra hardcore, and there are fewer EV days available within the runoff. If not anything else, it confirmed that the additional day used to be indeed useful, despite the fact that all it did used to be shift other folks from Monday. I’ll be tracking the early vote during the runoff as same old.

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