Any other Trump Quid Professional Quo. RoJo is with him. Once more.

Any other Trump Quid Professional Quo. RoJo is with him. Once more.
Supply: – Sunday, November 17, 2019
Just once we all have been agreeing to prevent speaking Latin, I spot some other Quid Pro Quo. Trump is buying and selling a wimp out on public health in trade for vaping votes, and personal business improve. Trump backs off flavored vape ban he as soon as touted As he had done such a lot of occasions ahead of, Trump reversed direction — this time on a plan to deal with a tremendous public well being drawback as a result of concerns that apoplectic vape save house owners and their consumers would possibly harm his reelection possibilities, stated White Space and marketing campaign officials. He also believed&#one hundred sixty; task losses tied to the ban might value him&#one hundred sixty; as he sought to trumpet financial expansion. It used to be the up to date example of the chaotic method coverage is made — and now and again unmade — in a White Space the place the ultimate decider ceaselessly switches gears after making a arguable vow, whether on fighting gun violence, pulling troops from Syria or promising to ship an Obamacare alternative plan.&#one hundred sixty; And glance whose lead he used to be following .&#one hundred sixty; Ron Johnson sends letter to Donald Trump urging him to abandon regulations for vaping flavors, warns adjustments are being 'rammed thru' Stated on this weblog a few days in the past. Yeah, that's our Ron.&#one hundred sixty; Now not this one. Unfortunately, this one . Ron Johnson summits to recent flogging on Trump's behalf The bromance is getting critical. It's a match as best as Trumps call ti Ukrainian President Zelensky, as a result of Trump will do anything else for a vote and Johnson will do anything else for Trump.&#one hundred sixty; I odor no less than an ambassador

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