Schiff Warns Trump About Actual-Time Witness Intimidation By means of Tweet

Schiff Warns Trump About Real-Time Witness Intimidation By means of Tweet
Source: – Friday, November 15, 2019
The Yovanovitch hearings Friday morning supplied revelations regarding the have an effect on of Trump tweets on the State Department… However wait, there's more! Then it used to be found out that Trump is tweeting attacks towards Marie Yovanovitch THIS MORNING at the same time as she is attesting. Witness intimidation in actual time! You'd assume Ivanka might take him golfing so he can't devote impeachable crimes right through the impeachment hearings, but good day. I for my part assume the stuff concerning the State Division refusing to issue a remark of enhance for Yovanovitch because "Trump would possibly tweet a contradiction of that observation they may be able to by no means be certain that" is an equally large deal, but people who wanted "pizzazz" at a listening to got it as Adam Schiff followed up through studying Trump's tweet from this morning (witness intimidation, again, whilst she is at the stand) into the document. DANIEL GOLDMAN, MAJORITY COUNSEL: Your common working out is that you simply did have the whole beef up of the State Department, is that right? MARIE YOVANOVITCH: Yes. GOLDMAN: And, actually, throughout your 33-yr profession as a overseas carrier officer, did you ever listen of any critical considerations approximately your task performance? YOVANOVITCH: No. GOLDMAN: Used to be the observation of make stronger in the end issued for you? YOVANOVITCH: No, it used to be now not. GOLDMAN: Did you be informed why now not? read more

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