From the Department of WTF: Trump brags approximately his management’s actions after mass shootings

From the Department of WTF: Trump brags approximately his administration’s actions after mass shootings
Supply: – Sunday, August 04, 2019
We didn’t listen so much from Trump the day before today, with the exception of in a while prior to the mass homicide in El Paso he used to be retweeting a vile message from a racist asshole who talks a few “ultimate answer,” then 15 minutes after the Texas capturing he tweeted encouragement to a martial arts fighter, whole with a cheerful Oval Place of business photograph (that night his sons attended the UFC battle to cheer on Daddy’s BFF). More than a whole day after the murders in Texas, and hours after the tragedy in Ohio, Trump after all stated the shootings are as a result of mental illness, that is hogwash (different nations be afflicted by the similar maladies), and later he blabbered that “hate has no place in our usa,” although his marketing campaign used to be built on hate from day one, and rarely has some other day long past via while he hasn’t ramped up the dislike on any person—Mexicans, Muslims, Congresspeople, immigrants, Democrats, veterans, overseas allies, American cities, ladies, the intelligence group, environmentalists, scholars, sports figures, even his former staffers and cupboard individuals. Any person but white supremacists. So, we’d be expecting these days’s reaction, a few empty Mongo nonsense about “hate dangerous” and of course feelings and prayers, however not anything about his personal culpability, not anything concerning the racism that brought on the El Paso murderer, not anything concerning the killer’s very trumpian manifesto, nothing concerning the uptick in hate crimes because 2016, and for sure nothing concerning the gun law handed by way of the Space that Mitch

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