Fox’s Cavuto: Blaming Trump For Dangerous Press Is “Blaming The Sufferer”

Fox’s Cavuto: Blaming Trump For Dangerous Press Is “Blaming The Sufferer”
Supply: – Thursday, October 27, 2016
ELIZABETH HARRINGTON: I feel during this, we've noticed the media propping up Donald Trump, giving him a large number of loose time, after which all the unexpected while he's the nominee, you spot this barrage of assaults, and it's — you spot very obviously. NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Do you assume that used to be planned? HARRINGTON: I imply, take a look at the New York Occasions tale that they did, an eight month research on Trump's remedy of girls, they usually stated "Oh, he's crossing the road." They didn't have a unmarried supply in there that stated he touched them inappropriately or anything else like that, after which all at once, 3 weeks prior to the marketing campaign, then they're operating most of these tales approximately these types of accusers popping out of the woodwork. I imply, the timing could be very — I imply, coincidental to mention the least, and I feel it displays in this bias — NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): No, I feel you're proper, Jillian — they didn't appear to care who dumped those tax data of Donald Trump's, however for sure care approximately — approximately vetting anything having to do with emails, you understand? It simply turns out bizarre. […] CAVUTO: The evidence is within the ultimate revealed pudding. Proper? And, you realize, perhaps for a few explanation why, pass after Trump. I'm now not brushing aside that, I'm now not pronouncing don't. I'm pronouncing simply display a fragment of the hobby. JILLIAN MELCHIOR: He may have avoided a large number of this, although, through simply being slightly bit wiser approximately what he says. CAVUTO: When you stated that a few lady accusing a ma

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