On Hannity , Laura Ingraham Warns Conservatives Now not Backing Trump: “It is If truth be told Immoral Now not To Vote For Donald Trump”

On Hannity , Laura Ingraham Warns Conservatives Now not Backing Trump: “It is In fact Immoral Now not To Vote For Donald Trump”
Supply: mediamatters.org – Thursday, August eleven, 2016
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Get my aspect, all you cussed Republicans in the market? Hillary Clinton, smartly, she's confirmed she does now not have the nature, she does now not have the temperament to be the President of the USA. So, is that the individual those Republican cry small children in point of fact need to be the following commander in leader, they need to lend a hand her? It's very aggravating, and it's disgusting, and it's somewhat bad. Right here with response, the editor in leader of Lifezette.com, Fox Information contributor and nationally syndicated radio communicate display host Laura Ingraham. Laura, are they sabotaging him, is it having an have an effect on? LAURA INGRAHAM: Smartly, they’re obviously cheerleading Hillary Clinton, there's surely approximately it, Sean, the senators like Susan Collins and so on who aren't formally endorsing Hillary Clinton actually are, with out explicitly doing so. These kinds of people who find themselves assisting, you realize, Gary Johnson or the Stein lady or this McMuffin, or no matter what — McMullin, no matter what his identify is. Evan McMullin. They realize they don’t seem to be going to win, they usually need to supposedly really feel like, cleansed of the sin of vote casting for Donald Trump. And also you laid out, you understand, with excruciating element, simply, you realize, a number of the the reason why Hillary Clinton can be disastrous for this united states of america. And I might make the argument, I feel very persuasively, as smartly, Sean, that in the event you name your self a conservative and a Republican, it's in fact immoral to not vote for Donald

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