12 thoughts on “2014 Bentley New Flying Spur – External and Internal Walkaround – 2014 Chicago Car Display”

  1. Nice upgrade to previous model but they must have designed the rear end on
    a friday afternoon – and the designers couldn’t wait to fuck off home :/ 

  2. The “Birds eye” maple is a beautiful scheme on another colour hued vehicle,
    but not with champagne leather. Its usually a dark ext/ light int &
    conversely dark int/ light ext.
    Its unpalatable to have a “light/light. A little too much for most tastes.

  3. What can I say, i’m not for that interior scheme in particular, there I
    said it.
    Bentley are superb producers of exquisite motor vehicles, the Flying Spur
    though is just sublime in the flesh, with on the road manners being
    second-to-none. Keep it up W.O Bentley. 

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