Protection & Safety the Volvo Approach

Protection & Safety the Volvo Means
“We've been tracking the efficiency of our collision avoidance techniques in Volvo Automobiles all through Sweden, the place we now have a 20 % marketplace percentage. This can be a very robust statistical pattern to base findings on, as each and every 5th automotive at the street in Sweden …
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Volvo assists in keeping it easy to stick out from Germans
For instance of ways Volvo will stand out as an unique, Samuelsson pointed to an app-primarily based carrier that permits a Volvo proprietor to get groceries or dry cleansing brought to his or her parked car. The supply individual is given one-time get right of entry to to the …
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Volvo hopes for street rule adjustments for autononous automobiles
“There’s a large number of hype round self reliant automobiles however it’s one thing we now have been running on for a whilst,” stated Volvo's technical director for Australia, David Pickett, in advance of an cope with at lately's Victorian Infrastructure Convention. “With the XC90 we …
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